"We're All Alright"
Slippes 29.10.2015, Very Happy Records
01  Don't Consider Going Back
02  Icarus
03  Wind Sets In
04  Will I
05  Wintering
06  Can I Walk On?
07  Disasters
08  Laying Here Helps
09  Saul
10  Home To You
Medvirkende: Erik Normann Aanonsen på bass og kontrabass, Jørgen Nordby på trommer, Katrine Schøitt på Cello, Therese Regine Winther Hagir på fiolin
"I Have Wanted To Go There"
2011, Very Happy Records
01  Proverb
02  Warm Winter Coats
03  Hope Faces Doubt
04  As Long As It'll Bring Her
05  You Turn
06  Where You're Suppose To Be
07  Out of Here
08  Definitely Do
09  Each Other
10  Turned To His Guitar
11  Sad Eyes
12  Old Man
13  Postludium


Slippes 1.10.2015, Very Happy Records
"Laying Here Helps"
Slippes 22.09.2015, Very Happy Records
"Wind Sets In"
Slippes November 2015, Very Happy Records
"Each Other"
2011, Very Happy Records