"I Have Wanted To Go There"


01 Proverb


Let love and faithfulness

never leave you

Bind them around your neck

Write them on

the tablets of your heart


02 Warm winter coats


I wanna go to the coastline with you

watch the ocean dance it's so beautiful

this time of the year


We would have to put on our warm winter coats

cause the wind is not friendly it's rather cold

but i'd try and keep you warm


We would have to hold hands or else we would freeze

and i would be so thankful

you would wanna spend this moment with me

And i'd wish time stood still


When the show had come to an end

we would go and find the coziest café in town

and order two cups of tea


We would talk about everything we would

share some secrets and share laughter and tears

I wanna share it all with you


I guess this daydream has come to an end

there's only one thing i wanna do i'll start it again

Oh come with me


03 Hope faces doubt


I am packing my suitcase i'm leaving

I am heading for the coast are you joining?

I don't know for how long i'll be staying

I'll be reading the letters i need some inspiration


I'll be figuring out

why my hope faces doubt

these days


I'll be figuring out

why my dreams are fading out


I'll be figuring out

why my hope faces doubt

these days


04 As long as it'll bring you


What our future holds we will not know untill

we go there together me and my love

i can't wait to go there with her


I don't have a clue what tomorrow will bring

but as long it'll bring her

it'll be good


I love her company

watching movies or hanging out on the beach


She makes me so happy

making me laugh by trying to imitate me


I love her and she loves me


05 You turn


Five summers have passed since winter you and I

took our first step and i had to defy

my insecurety and the fear of being let down

but i could not stand not knowing if you'd be my girlfriend


And last year i went down on my knee

although you were not ready

and as i stood ther suprisingly shy i truely realized

it's you i wanna see walking down that isle towards me


I'm taking a you turn for real

I'm taking a you turn


When you're down i'll let you know

that i care and love you so

And i'm sure that you'll be the one that will bring a smile

back to my face when it has not been there for days


And i look foreward to all the great times

that we'll have and i have no doubt

that our love will always stay strong and always be true

and i hope you know, girl, i am so in love with you


I'm taking a you turn for real

I'm taking a you turn


06 Where you're suppose to be


When night time comes i try to hide

I won't let it in cause you're not by my side

like you're suppose to


All day long i'll get throug

without too much thinking of you but when night time comes

i can't help it


I am not where i'm suppose to

You are not where you're suppose to be

Here with me


I can't stop to think about you

I can't stop to think about you darling

I love you darling


07 Out of here


Things around me moves so fast i got no space to breathe

I cannot keep up with it's pace

My world is on speed right now and i'm sertainly not

It affects the way i feel inside


And why cannot my head always agree with my heart

that would make things less complicated

And i like being busy but i don't enjoy swamped

I feel like i'm drowning right now


Take me out of here, leave this place together with me

If only for a while, i need to get out of here

Out of here


My eyes they miss the ocean and my ears the sound of sea

my nose the smell of salty breeze

My thoughts is claustrofobic they are acing in my head

they need to get out of here


Take me out of here, leave this place together with me

If only for a while, i need to get out of here

Out of here


08 Definitely do


Sometimes she try and remind me of all

the things about her i might not like at all

and she asks me if i still want to go through


to be honest with you

I definitely do


When i stand there beside my lovely white bride

and the priest turnes to me and asks me if i

will stand by her side for the rest of my life


to be honest with you

I definitely do


Some people they tell me that I am too young

to understand now that what i'm doing is wrong

but they realy don't know you the way that i do


to be honest with you

our love is true


09 Each other


This is new this is something good i know

Where i'm going i have not been before

But i've wanted to go there for some time

And i hope we can go there


with each other


Accompanied by the setting sun

we set sails for a different continent

With the gentle tentions soothing in between

the feelings we might have


for each other


Your voice is all i hear

Our hands is what i feel

Your eyes is all i see

Your thoughts is what's concerning me

We are

with each other


10 Turned to his guitar


He's sitting there with his guitar on his lap

playing chords within his view

He has played them hundreds of times before

but they're always kinda new


but he important part is that he's playing

them for you


In his room or somewhere else

as long as his alone

The words he sings is different

it's a never ending song


but they always meen the same

and it's God please come


He can sing about a news story

he can sing about a tree

He can sing about his litlle sister

or a song of prophecy


but are always all

he needs to see


When he's scared or feels alone

he turnes to his guitar

He needs a patient listener

and he knows that you are


always there

cause he once asked you to always be there


the guy i'm singin' about is me

if you did not understand

i'm sitting here singing on my song

as Jesus holds my hand


And he holds it tight

cause that is what i need right now


11 Sad eyes


Tell me what's on your heart

Cause i really want to know


I see your sad sad eyes

But i don't see what's behind them


Share your burden with me

I can't watch you bear it on your own


A cold cold wind has shook you off your guard

but the wind is about tu turn and we

all know how you feel


Tell me what's on your heart

Cause i really want to know


12 Old man


i've read all the book i was suppose to read

I've seen all the things that you wanted me to see

oh lord, come and get me


I've walked through storms that others have not

i've seen more pain than i ever thought i would see

oh lord come and get me


i've seen my son and my daughter too

grow up so well they both love you

oh lord, come and get me


My wife she left me several years ago

her time was up i had to let go

oh lord, don't you think it is time for me too


I feel the day is about to arrive

when there will be no need for me to strife anymore

oh lord come and get me


Ooo o ooooo o o ooo o ooo


13 Postludium


I have wanted to go there